6 Ways To Protect Yourself On Your First Date

You don’t ask if he’s a drug user or a murderer. You have to use common sense and be wise to whom you see or you might end up being the next victim of rape. These 6 ways to protect yourself will save you enormous amount of pain and fear on your first date.

1-Online Dating — This type of dating is the most risky to handle. Everyone can put up a false profile to tell you are your match. The dating site is not screening their members or taking care of what happens after they take your money. You need to steer clear of this dating method or it will come back to haunt you.Do you want to learn more? Visit daynia mdh.

2-Dating Profile-Be as specific as possible when you put your profile together. Reputable dating services will help with your profile and will try to match your dream date with you. We are not flawless and there will be a few failures slipping through the cracks, but most singles are decent people. Specify the content for the partnership because that is what you want. Take the time to look through the profiles until you see one that really catches your eye. Study the pictures and pay attention to their description when reading.

3-Meeting Your Date-Drive to the meeting point and make sure it’s a quiet, well-lit place. Don’t let him speak to you about picking you up or joining you in his house or wherever it’s dark and quiet. This guy you don’t know and can put you in a dangerous situation.

4-Leave With Him-If He insists that you leave and go to His house, make an excuse to leave. This is another area of danger, and means two things. Date rape or worse, he can cause bodily harm to you.

5-Stay Armed and Ready-Never let your guard down and when he demands that you go with him, have a pepper spray or other security, handy your cell phone and car keys. Don’t place these in your bag to reach them, or you’ll never get free.

6-Bad Boy Talk-If he talks poorly to us, about prostitution or any other vulgar language, it’s time to call it a night. He’s not interested in a relationship, just one night of pleasure, and then the next innocent girl can step on.

Date rape has happened and if you’re not careful it can happen to you. Singles and speed dating events are the best and safest dating methods. All are checked out and are usually a good group of people seeking a relationship.