Guidance to Seeking a Job in Senior Care

Do you need to be a registered nurse or have a master’s degree in social work in order to seek a career in senior care? The reply is no. There are plenty of career opportunities to pursue that include a soulful dedication to helping seniors who do not need certificates or permits. There are a couple of reasons why a senior care job is so appealing to thousands of people seeking meaning in their vocation. More about the author This industry is booming and providing job security to those who are pursuing it as a career.

So, that’s the beauty of being in this sector-Baby Boomers are moving to the era where they’d rather stay in a retirement group because their wellbeing is failing so making it important to live where they can get support on a daily basis. In most cases, senior living facilities care for their residents by forming Care Teams usually consisting of a Registered Nurse known as a clinical coordinator, a social worker, physical therapist, and either CNA’s, certified nursing assistants, or non-credential caregivers. Caregivers are not credentialed or certified, but play an important role in offering day-to-day life support to elderly residents who can not care for themselves. Older tenants require guidance getting into and out of bed; feeding themselves; getting dressed; or helping to access the senior care center. Not all of their care demands nursing skills. A good bit of it is daily life-support including companionship. It may not be the most glamorous career but it can be the most rewarding job of all if you love helping the elderly.

There is an abundance of highly sought after senior-care jobs in sales and marketing. These people usually have sales and marketing experience from other similar industries such as hospitality, apartment, or condo leasing. They should be able to market their senior community to groups and associations which are predominantly Baby Boomers members. To attract prospective seniors to visit their senior facilities, they do a lot of presentations and public speaking.

Another example of a great senior career is being a full-fledged chef at one of the larger senior living establishments. Large centers have full-fledged chefs on board, who are able to prepare healthy and delicious meals for seniors. If there are several hundred seniors at your facility it’s easy to see how that in a day’s time translates into a lot of meals. And, many seniors have dietary restrictions, so for senior communities with a large census of residents a trained and knowledgeable chef is absolutely necessary.